Thursday, March 10, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Painting Progression

I was commissioned to paint a large painting (3 feet by 4 feet) of the vineyards at sunrise in the fall. It took me 80 hours and I am still in the process of getting accurate prints made. Here is the painting by stages.

1. I did an undercoating with burnt sienna. I did the initial blocks with oils--it took quite some time just to coat the canvas one time just because of the size.

2. My focus was on the clouds, the fog, and the hills, working back to front.

3. I started getting more detailed and painted in the branches up close, very tedious work.

4. I worked for hours on the foreground, adding details of leaves, pebbles, and blades of grass. I needed to add more shadows and highlights, as well as a little road to the right.

5. Photograph time: The first is my photo of the finished painting, and then there is the professional photograph of the painting...although I'm not sure if it isn't a little too yellow/orange. I had a difficult time getting my own photograph of the finished project though.