Saturday, January 30, 2021

Children's Book Illustration & Digital Illustration...aka What I've Been Up To

I've been working on illustrations for children's books.  These three watercolor illustrations were entered into a competition for narrative illustration with the theme "Silver Linings."  My thought was that this little girl found that everything had died (due to fire or drought...) and had the idea to scrub the clouds so that it would rain again.  Her insect and feathered friends help out.  I actually used real silver foil for the second and third illustrations!

Detail from second illustration

Detail from third illustration 

Christmastime Wonder, Watercolor on paper

Illustration work in traditional (watercolor and graphite)...

...and digital.

Snow Play, Watercolor on paper

Sierra  Trail Divide to Whitehall or Randall Tract, Watercolor on paper

Sweet Newborn Baby Boy Portrait, Graphite on paper

I love having projects to work on, and have written some children's books that are in various stages. This involves character sketches.

More character sketches

Digital sketches

From my sketchbook...5 minute drawings

My display at Shoffeitt's in Healdsburg, CA