Friday, April 24, 2020

Covid-19...definitely another blow artistically.

It's hitting me again how tough these last couple years have been for me artistically.  Losing so many original paintings, my entire studio, as well as basic structure to daily function that greatly effects my artistic energy and forward movement because of the's feeling a bit like I'm trying to swim with my legs tied up.  This Covid-19 pandemic feels like at least an arm (if not most of my fingers) are also fettered.  Sigh.

I can no longer promote/sell/display my artwork publicly, not being able to even access some of it.

I can no longer network face to face, attend conferences, do photo shoots, or paint outside.

Finances are tight and so people are not going to be interested in buying artwork.

So what's my point?  I will continue on!  Time to stop writing about all the new realities, and go pick up my brush.  Even if with only 2 fingers and no (figurative) legs to stand on.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Creative Collections

I am taking a class in creative collections with Victoria Johnson.  These are some of my first homework assignments.  It is definitely pushing me to explore areas and keep engaged creatively.

After taking a Pinterest Page...

I came up with a palette of colors that I love!

Spatz, Watercolor on paper

 Spatz in Black and White, Procreate

Spatz in Color, Procreate

Awards and Such

It is always such an honor to win awards as an artist.  I entered 6 paintings in a local competition a couple of years ago, and won numerous awards.  The best part was that the fire occurred while the paintings were still displayed, and so they did not burn in the fire that destroyed so much.  These are some of the ribbons....2 First Place, 3 Best of Division, and...1 BEST OF SHOW!  Woot woot!

I also won in the National Arts Program with this oil painting, and got to fist bump the mayor's fist (because of the shaking hands).  The monetary award was such a joy as I had decided to donate whatever I received to the Harvester's Orphanages in South Sudan.  Praising God!

As Time Goes By, Oil on gesso board

I love my new studio space!

New watercolor of Truckee cabin

Sketching and Watercolor Painting

 Graphite sketching is still one of my favorites, especially when I get to capture this cutie (Kora, Graphite on paper) or my uncle and aunt walking in Hattingen, Germany.  My uncle has since passed away, so this was my last time seeing him on this earth (Onkel Manfred und Tante Siglinde, Graphite on paper).

 I would like to do more expressive work and also paint all different shades of skin and hair.  This cute little one was a joy (Little Red, Watercolor on paper).

 A quick, watercolor using vivid colors (Maggie Hugs Hanna, Watercolor on paper).

 A newly engaged couple (Stephen and Allison, Graphite on paper).

Working in Procreate

It's new and pushing my old, non-technological here is some work I started in Procreate.