Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Available Paintings

These are the paintings I have left after the fire that are for sale.  I know not all the photos are the best, but I tried to get the painting and also a frame if there was one.  The approximate dimensions and medium are also included.  I am open to payments, and love to work with anyone who loves my art.  I also have 11"x14" prints available on many of my paintings if that is of interest. 

#1 Oak, 36"x36", Oil on canvas

 #2 Spring Oak in Field, 11"x14", Oil on canvas

No longer available....#3 Gust of Wind a la Renoir, 36"x36", Oil on canvas

#4 Beach Boards, 36"x24", Acrylic on boards,'s not this yellow and the colors are more like the second one

#5 Dawn at Sbragia, 26"x23", Oil on canvas (this one has a lovely green wooden frame)

#6 Green Vineyard, Acrylic on canvas board, 11"x14"

 #7 Spring Farm Off Barnes Road, 11"x14", Oil on canvas

#8 Yountville Autumn, 16"x20", Oil on canvas in black frame

#9 Lavender Sunset with One Tree, 11"x8", Acrylic on canvas

#10 Poplars in the Thames Valley a la Alfred William Parsons, 42"x28", Oil on canvas

#11 Lavender Sunrise, 14"x11", Acrylic on canvas

#12 Nothing To See Here, 14"x20", Giclee on canvas

 #13 Oak on Autumn Hillside, 14"x11", Oil on canvas

#14 Lavender Field, 12"x18", Matted and framed print

 #15 Abstract Vineyard Simply, 8"x10", Oil on canvas

 #16 Santa Rosa Landscape off Coffey Lane, 30"x22" full sheet (not counting mat and frame), Watercolor on paper matted with frame

  #17 Lily Waters, 11"x16", Watercolor print matted and framed

 #16 Ocean Calm, Acrylic on canvas board, 25"x21" framed in black frame

Signs I can make similar to these...lots of flexibility