Sunday, October 29, 2017

Santa Rosa Books for Sale

I just finished a series of 25 local Santa Rosa pen & inks a couple of weeks ago, and the entire series was at the printers getting printed when Santa Rosa Firestorm occurred. All of the original pen & inks were destroyed in my house, but the digital images live on and the books are in print. My thought with the book was that it could be a collection of pen & inks to enjoy, or it could even be colored in. That's why the front cover is designed that way--for the person who buys the books to color in the words "Santa Rosa, CA, Est. 1868." I am selling the books for $32 if you pick it up from me, giving a portion to Redwood Credit Union for the fire victims account. The cost is $5 more for shipping, so $37 if you would like the book mailed to you. It is printed on heavy cardstock and spiral bound. Since I am a victim of the fire and things are so crazy, please be patient with my getting them to you. The money I make will pay for the printing as well as help me rebuild my art supplies and studio, all of which were lost in the fire. Payment is to my PayPal account at Write a message to me there when you pay, and how you would like to receive the book/books (pick up or mail, and your address if you would like it mailed). My greatest hope is that these images would be enjoyed. Over 170 hours of my time went into them. The image list and what they look like are below. The second page is the Round Barn, which burned down. Special thanks to Roger, who started the whole thing. It was his idea, and he was engraving these images into tiles (he also lost his home). Feel free to pass this along to others.

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Red & Radine! said...

Where could I meet up to get 2 or 3?
Paypal if necessary but I'd prefer direct if possible.
Thanks for the capture!

Red & Radine! Aijala